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Getting one of these fuckers soon. trips gets a chance at naming it

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What are some other native American legends that are interesting, and are you able to provide a brief description of them?

The Navajo believe that certain entities exist that are tall, take the shape of a human and have glowing eyes like an animal.
These figures have the ability to steal your soul if you look them in the eye, can shape shift into animals by wrapping their skin around their body, and are evil creatures.
Some Navajo believe that people become a Navajo by killing a sibling, and they tend to be around graveyards. How they lure victim is by imitating the voice of a recently deceased love one.
Since all skin walkers were once human the only way to kill one is to call it by its original name.

This was all the information I could find online. If you know more then feel free to share

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You have 10 seconds to prover your not a goblin
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I have no fucking idea if this is the right place but...
how was anonymous (hacker group created)? do they have secret handshakes? how many are 12 yo otakus? why is it that a group from 4chan actually does sorta nice things?

kpop general

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fresh pics edicion
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>Be me
>can't finish my posts
why eve

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