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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is this website?
A: A 4chan archive - all of the content once originated from that website. If you need a Poster's information, you need to contact 4chan.
All trademarks and copyrights on this page are owned by their respective parties. Images uploaded are the responsibility of the Poster. Comments are owned by the Poster.

Q: What do you archive?
A: I archive completely (thumbs, images, text, all files) only /b/ due to it's nature. I did not want to risk hosting fully /b/ alongside other boards to avoid the scenario in which the host decides to shut down the entire server due to too many reports, like it happen with, which would cause other, more important boards, to be no longer archived and accessible.

Q: Why do you archive those boards?
A: Because no one else does. After the death of the SFW boards got picked by the Nyafuu archive and NSFW ones by

Q: Why is /b/ on an alone archive?
A: Because it eats up a ton of resources and the content there is very provocative to say the least.

Q: Who are you?
A: I'm an administrator of many 4chan archives:,,,,

Q: I've got a DMCA takedown request that I can prove ownership of. What can I do?
A:You can use the Report button next to the post and submit a request. You NEED to provide proof of ownership of some sort to prove it's a valid DMCA case. A DMCA Case ID is also sufficient. I usually check daily this website for new reports and ban the image globally, deleting the file forever and stopping it from being downloaded in the future. If within a week I have not taken down a reported post, please e-mail me or contact me via irc (details below).
Do note that if it's the same image being reposted, you can report it just once and I'll globally ban and remove it

Q: I do not have a way to prove ownership but I need text and/or image to be removed from this website. What can I do?
A: For personal takedown requests of pictures/text that you can not prove or do not want to prove are yours you need to contact NotDMCA.Net to validate that you are the not a bot or a SJW or a troll. This is a payed service.

Q: I need to contact you! Can I have your e-mail?
A: You can contact me by several ways:
1) For everything important such as advertising, DMCA and so on you can email me at [email protected]
If you use this email to report content, please include the link to the thread(s) as well as the numbers of all post(s), but please, just use the above explained method.
2) Join #4chanarchives at
3) Open a thread at /talk/ and explain your issue.

Q: What content is not allowed to be posted or archived?
A: Everything illegal should be reported and I'll delete it as soon as possible. Prohibited content is CP and all people of questionable age, supposing them being minors, doing questionable activities such as, but not limited to, simulating sexual intercourse. I'm unaware as how my host is treating bestiality, lolikon, shotakon and such which is usually in the grey area, but if I receive a complaint I'll remove the file right away.
I want to keep the server as clean as possible!

Q: What information do you keep?
A: If you are ghost posting your IP is kept in the DB. When you browse the website your IP address and the pages and files you requested are stored by the Nginx Web Server in logs. Google and my Advertising partners may store or access previously stored by them cookies, as announce din the cookie consent policy.

Q: When did you began archiving?
A: On 05. June 2016

Q: Do you have the threads from the other archives?
A: Yes, I have the entire database dump of and the thumbs they provided, as well as about a month of archived posts and thumbs from I would gladly add any foolfuuka&asagi db&thumb dump if someone provides it to me.

Q: Is there a way to help this project? Thank you for your work!
A: There are several ways:
1) The best way would be to simply link me to other websites, so this website can become popular.
2) If you want to help me out financially, ensuring the future of this project, you can disable any adblcoking software since I rely entirely on advertisements. I doubt anyone would ever consider donating via paypal or e-currency to me, but if you do, you can contact me. This will ensure that I won't follow the original's fate.
3) Please report every post that has illegal or copyrighted information, this will ensure that I won't follow the fate of

Q: Do you have any statistical data for this archive?
A: Yes:

Q: What are your server specs and how much does it cost?
A: A VPS with 2TB HDD and 30GB of RAM. Unmetered 100Mbps line. Should be enough for an year or two. I pay 25euro/month for hosting [and soon USD20/month for CloudFlair CDN] and about USD12/year for domain name and WhoIs protect, totally to about 600USD an year.

Q: Do you have a working search?
A: yes, I use Sphinx search. It's updated each hour and it requires a minimum of 2 characters for the search to trigger. Global search is enabled.

Q: I see advertisements. Why? What are they?
A: Hosting and supporting this project requires a lot of money which I don't have. I want to buy better and faster servers, which I can't afford right now. Advertisements help me directly to cover my hosting bills. Since this website is entirely NSFW, all of the advertismenets are NSFW only.

Q: This website is slow for me!
A: Is it slow all the time or just periodically? You can open up a thread on /talk/ if it's running quite slow or a board is behind in being archived.

Q: A thread/post/image is missing.
A: It was either not in the data dump provided by and, it was deleted due to a filed report or it was deleted from 4chan before the archiving engine could pick it up.

Q: What do you use to make all of this happen?
A: Ubuntu 16.04 as a server, FoolFuuka as a web cms, Asagi as archiving engine, SphinxSearch as search engine, Nginx, php5.6, php5.6-fpm, money from the advertisements to pay the hosting bills, friendly threads on /talk/ to motivate me to keep on doing this project :)

Q: Are there other archives?
A: Yes, you can see them here: The Archive Team

Here's a complete list of 4chan archive sites using either Fuuka or FoolFuuka software. Boards with full image archival are in bold.
Last updated: 10. September 2017 !

Archive Status Software Boards archived
Archived.Moe Online foolfuuka /3/, /a/, /aco/, /adv/, /an/, /asp/, /b/, /bant/, /biz/, /c/, /can/, /cgl/, /ck/, /cm/, /co/, /cock/, /con/, /d/, /diy/, /e/, /f/, /fa/, /fap/, /fit/, /fitlit/, /g/, /gd/, /gif/, /h/, /hc/, /his/, /hm/, /hr/, /i/, /ic/, /int/, /jp/, /k/, /lgbt/, /lit/, /m/, /mlp/, /mlpol/, /mo/, /mtv/, /mu/, /n/, /news/, /o/, /out/, /outsoc/, /p/, /po/, /pol/, /q/, /qa/, /qst/, /r/, /r9k/, /s/, /s4s/, /sci/, /soc/, /sp/, /spa/, /t/, /tg/, /toy/, /trash/, /trv/, /tv/, /u/, /v/, /vg/, /vint/, /vip/, /vp/, /vr/, /w/, /wg/, /wsg/, /wsr/, /x/, /y/
The /b/ Archive Online foolfuuka /b/, /bant/
4Archive Online 4Archive /3/, /a/, /aco/, /adv/, /an/, /asp/, /b/, /biz/, /c/, /cgl/, /ck/, /cm/, /co/, /d/, /diy/, /e/, /fa/, /fit/, /g/, /gd/, /gif/, /h/, /hc/, /his/, /hm/, /hr/, /i/, /ic/, /int/, /jp/, /k/, /lgbt/, /lit/, /m/, /mlp/, /mu/, /n/, /news/, /o/, /out/, /p/, /po/, /pol/, /qa/, /qst/, /r/, /r9k/, /s/, /s4s/, /sci/, /soc/, /sp/, /t/, /tg/, /toy/, /trash/, /trv/, /tv/, /u/, /v/, /vg/, /vip/, /vp/, /vr/, /w/, /wg/, /wsg/, /wsr/, /x/, /y/ Online 4Archive /b/ Online foolfuuka /h/, /hc/, /hm/, /r/, /s/, /soc/
4plebs Online foolfuuka /adv/, /f/, /hr/, /o/, /pol/, /s4s/, /sp/, /tg/, /trv/, /tv/, /x/
Nyafuu Archive Online foolfuuka /bant/, /c/, /con/, /e/, /n/, /news/, /out/, /p/, /toy/, /vip/, /vp/, /w/, /wg/, /wsr/
Love is Over Online foolfuuka /c/, /d/, /e/, /i/, /lgbt/, /t/, /u/
Rebecca Black Tech Online fuuka /cgl/, /g/, /mu/
warosu Online fuuka /3/, /biz/, /cgl/, /ck/, /diy/, /fa/, /g/, /ic/, /jp/, /lit/, /sci/, /tg/, /vr/
Desuarchive Online foolfuuka /a/, /aco/, /an/, /c/, /co/, /d/, /fit/, /gif/, /his/, /int/, /k/, /m/, /mlp/, /q/, /qa/, /r9k/, /tg/, /trash/, /vr/, /wsg/ Online foolfuuka /a/, /cm/, /co/, /ic/, /sci/, /tg/, /v/, /vg/, /vip/, /y/ Online foolfuuka /g/, /jp/, /mlp/, /v/
PK's archive :^) Online foolfuuka /int/
bstats Online b-stats /f/, /cm/, /hm/, /lgbt/, /news/, /trash/, /qst/, /y/


I would like to say a big thank you to several people, the's owner, Bui - the owner of, ATC, VoH, Antonizoon and everyone else in #Bibanon!

Thank you all for all of the CP or DMCA reports! I try to check my website at least once a day, usually about 4-5times.
I ban all of the reported images/webm/gif/etc, stopping them from being archived in the future and I usually also delete the post itself, if it's containing inappropriate content.
You guys ensure that this website won't be shutdown like did!

Huge thanks to whoever links threads either to 4chan or to other websites. Hopefully you are linking only great threads full of win (in b4 "4chan was never good").
You guys ensure that I'll remain popular and known and be the most linked nsfw-only archive.

I can't even begin to explain how much I value the visitors which do not use AdBlocking software on this website. Actually the true MVPs are the people who click on the banners and purchase a brazzers or w/e plans. I aim to have only the hottest looking banner ads on this website.
You guys ensure that I'll make enough so that I don't have to pay the entire hosting bill entirely on my own, as well as spending money on more storage (so that I dont have to purge old images and webms, like did) and even more bandwidth and CDNs so that your content will load faster!