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Shouldn't Share Thread
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Hey guys so I'm trying to get some revenge on my ex for cheating on my then dumping me...

She works as a flight attendant checker at the airport terminal for American airlines in LAX.

What can I do to make her get fired? Any message I should sent to American airlines, maybe with a photoshopped fb post of her cursing niggers? Would that get her fired?
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Friends you would like to fuck
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Gonna try Hasch for the first time today. Only done green before. Super sensitive cause of my meds (anti-psychotic)

What can I expect?
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non-porn webms

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>Woman Logic
>Go fight in illegal war
>Against government advice
>Wants to "just go home"
>Thinks she shouldn't be arrested
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Kik Sloots
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FB fap thread
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Tired of seeing fucking douchbags getting cute girls just to treat them like shit. Why am I such a fag and can't get a girl to like me but they just have to slap their asses a couple of times, call em "bitch" and it's done?
I just don't fucking understand women.
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