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I got codes, you got dubs?
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Hey guys xD
Im bored so send me some nice emails? Pls???
Robvon[email protected] xD
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Shota Bread
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Chubby thread
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Steam Giveaway thread: Frog edition
Roll quads and leave steam ID or email to get anything $100 or less
Or roll for frog
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What happens to someone after they get in a car accident and they have to go to the hospital /b/? Anyone with medical/legal experience? I assume they test you to see if you've been drinking but what other tests do they do? Do they hold you? How would someone avoid blame?
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evens fap
odds sleep
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Portland Oregon. This town is shit. Pic related, most of the shit stains that walk the streets here.
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Waifu thread.
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