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Celeb thread
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looking for pics in this style of clothing
can never find porn in this style of clothing
pic related
>inb4 faggot

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Celeb thread: It never stops edition
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incest stories/relatives you wanna bone thread
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I also want the 6th reply to be dubs..
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Let's roll, boys.
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Can someone please Xray this photo, I wanna see her tits!! Shes 18 her name is Alahna Ly look her up on instagram if you need to verify would appreciate this done please and thanks!
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Dorm stories.

>me 21 yrs old female
>mostly straight but suddenly I start to feel attracted to my room mate ( she is also one of my best friends)
>I start to flirt with her and she responds
>we keep doing that for a couple of weeks ( stuff like randomly touching each other hands, hands on shoulder etc.)
>after a while we also start to cuddle. I go to her bed every night before we go to sleep. We mostly sit there and talk a lot and cuddle. ( btw most of the time we are not alone in the room. we have another room mate who is also good friend with us)
>our cuddling sesions consisted first in hugs and shit. after some time we started to tickle eachother as a "joke" and then we would do more stuff like me caressing her neck and back etc. also she responded doing the same things to me.
>one night we were alone and bought something to drink.
>we stood in bed and talked a lot of stuff as we always do
>after we finished the bottle of vodka my friend said that she wanted to sleep
>I started hugging her
>then I put my hand under her shirt and I start to rub her belly. She seems to like it.
>she is rubbing my neck.
>I grab her boob
>and the we start to make out
> OMG best feeling ever
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