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Alone in the Dark
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Would you kiss me, anon?
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Trips decides what rumor we spread about Casey Nice tat.
I'll start, he's getting divorced.
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tell me two good things about japanese people.
> protip: you can't
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Youtubers you'd want to see nudes of.
Pic related: Jennxpenn
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Guess how many dicks (apart from mine) have been in my girlfriend's pussy. Pic related. The correct answer gets another (better) picture.

>Be me
>Go through girlfriend's phone
>Check Whatsapp conversation with her best friend
>See messages from few days ago about her friend feeling bad about sleeping with some random guy the night before
>Her friend says she feels like a total slut because of sleeping with random guys all the time
>Messages from my girlfriend trying to make her friend feel better
>MFW I see message from my girlfriend saying she slept with X guys before me...
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Reaction Image thread, need to fill my folder
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Random girl pics, everyone dump
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join our discord https://discord.gg/nrWxBbn
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Left or right thread. Why? WWYD?
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