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I used to be involved in sports year round when I was in high school and obviously being in high school and sports I had structure in life because I had my days scheduled for me start to finish. After graudating, college didn't work out.. started partying and smoking weed.. basically doing all the shit I didn't have time to do when I was still in school. Started partying harder and now 5 years later I'm a mess. My apartment is trashed, I lay around all day unmotivated. I work full time, on my days off I do nothing but watch Netflix and get stoned. I've used heroin for 4 years and keep quitting then back into it. (5 days clean at the moment)

So I've been considering joining the military. What does /b/ think? It would give me structure and a career. I think I just need guidance. I work in a nursing home wiping ass so I'm basically at a dead end here. I need to get in shape but it's something I'm seriously considering.. any vets have any advice for me?