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Given her size and lack of weapons, the physical violence this girl was subjected to was many degrees beyond reason. Violence isn't always the best answer. Cant we all agree that he could've handled that situation differently? There were no other choices besides acting like an angry ape? If he made a mistake, why does it have to solely be the teenagers fault? She's a teen in foster care who just lost her mother, according to what Ive read. Teenage hormones are out of wack and their brains aren't even fully developed. This man's brain must not be either. She is obviously a troubled kid. Troubled kids weren't always troubled.

A police officer should protect themselves and others with violence when its absolutely necessary and teach our youth to do the same. Not influence young kids to look up to the same aggression and violence that they're supposed to protect us against. This incident has shown me we have an empathy and sympathy problem in this country, more than a respect for authority problem. "Let's beat the troubled youth. That'll change them!" This girl needs a counselor. Not a wrestler with a badge.

Not every person is the same. Not every child reacts the same way to certain situations. We don't know this girl's story. Behind every troubled kid is a troubled adult that brought them there. I'm not saying every action kids like that make should be excused. I'm saying it's safe to assume she hasn't been able to deal with her past the same way some other kids have. That doesn't mean she should be abused. Chances are, abuse is what has molded her into who she is today. These kinds of kids need more love and understanding, not more abuse. Maybe they like having people hate and hurt them because it confirms how they feel about themselves. Hate and violence is a cycle that will never end without complete love and understanding.