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So I know that most of the people won't give a fuck for this, don't lose your time posting shit, im looking for someone that could really help me

The thing is i have been in love for a girl for a long time. Nothing happened so in the meantime i felt in love for others and had some relationships. But know im getting closer to this girl again and i know she feels for me.

She is a bit shy and she has been depressed, ecenthough shes beautiful and a great person for me, others see her as a non-atractive girl in the institute . because of that im afraid of the comments that people ccould say if they ser us together (for me and for her). I use to don't vive a shit for other people opinions in other things but with gf im specially sensitive and also ver situación could turno worse.

What should i do /b/? I havent even hang out alone with her...