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Looking for some advice about this girl, it kinda depressed me that this is the only place I can come for advice but fuck it you guys are okay sometimes.

Let me explain the situation:
>Girl i've know at college for 2 years asks me if I wanna get some food after college because it's my birthday
>We go to a pub and we end up just getting pretty fucking smashed
>We end up kissing alot and she says stuff like "she always wanted to kiss me" and "she always felt close to me since we met"
>I'm a bit socially fucked up so usually I don't have the confidance to ask girls to try to kiss her or flirt with her but because im smashed it's fucking easy
>We end up getting pretty crazy on each other that night, we feel each other up, I suck her tits, she played with my dick and she keeps saying i'm turning her on so much
>We've talked more on Facebook since then, she is flirty sometimes with me and seems really happy and nice towards me
>I asked her out and used the word date, and she didn't like that, she said she wouldn't go on a date but she would go out and chill
>So on Monday we're going in town and we're gonna chill

So, I'm wondering if I should be really forward with her when I see her, or if I should see if she is forward with me before I try anything. I don't wanna try to kiss her and she rejects me, cos fuck that would hurt especially since we will be sober.