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>summer of this year (2015)
>best friend (f) and I (m) go to summer school
>she gone 4th day
>she moved because abusive dad/stepmom
>after she moves we text and facetime every day
>we constantly tell eachother we love one another
>as friends...
>few weeks later i tell her that ive had crush on her since i met her
>day or 2 after that she says she likes me to
>our conversations get real flirty
>i ask her out a few days later
>"anon, its already hard enough being away from you but us going out would make it unbearable"
>summer goes on and i fall madly in love with her
>school starts this year
>she knows no one at new school
>thursday of first week she texts me
>"anon i have something to tell you but i don't want you to get mad"
>i reply "dont worry i wont be mad"
>"i met this guy and i like him a lot and he really likes me too"
>play it off like if she happy i happy
>secretly exploding inside
>next tuesday i tell her how im actually not okay with this
>she gets defensive
>i (anger issues) go all off on her because on edge because a friend killed himself the previous week
>her and i mostly stop talking
>when we do i nostalgicly bring up her and i's past
>she stops responding entirely
>month passes
>she follow me on instagram
>i dm her asking why she followed me
>"idk, anon, idk"
>her and i talk a bit
>start texting again
>i unintentionally bring up what her and i had quite often
>i apologize right after each time
>october 24, 2015
>we texting eachother at like 2 am like we used to always do
>"anon, do you want me to be honest?"
>reply "please do"
>"anon I never really actually had a interest in you"
>low key breaks down in my bed
>i lay some truth on her
>she acts like she cares so much about me
>leave her on 'read'
>tfw never talking to her again

The backstory if our friendship is that she was suicidal and I really helped her with it.