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In regards to the other thread; >>648488636

Dovhakiin vs Raziel.

So we're all familiar with what the Dovhakiin can dish out. Plethora of shouts, strong weapons, access to Elder Scrolls (The time travel one will be important). We also know that, depending on the continuity, he is also a werewolf and potentially a vampire. His main point is using his Shouts, though - with his other spells. Otherwise, he's merely a mortal. Superhuman strength and endurance with rapid healing, but a mortal.

Raziel, on the other hand, is technically immortal. He can be destroyed, but not by any "normal" beings (Though Dovhakiin might be an exception). He has superior strength (arguably stronger than Dovhakiin's; Raziel can move several ton stone blocks with ease), superior reflexes, gliding, climbing, AND a fuck ton of amazing powers via Wraith Blades augmentations.

He can shoot telekinetic blasts, time travel (with assistance), dish out fireballs that incinerate enemies in an instant, create shadow bridges, become unseen to the mortal and immortal eyes, shatter objects, control air, freeze waterfalls solid, make earthquakes, both lighten his weight to the point he can walk on water AND increase his weight several hundred pounds over (Fus Ro Dah would definitely struggle with that one), AND shift between here and the Spectral Realm (Ethereal much??)

Oh. And he fucking consumes the souls of his enemies and absorbs their strengths.


I tried emailing Screw Attack this idea. Not sure if they'd do it, though :/