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Times when you cockblocked yourself

>be me
>friends parents going away for weekend
>tell him we should watch Liverpool vs Arsenal at his, with our group (around 9)
>theres only really 4 of us who can watch a full game of football so they invite some 8-9/10s over
>never spoken to them. they all seem bitchy
>the girls actually come and they have drinks too
>play a few drinking games with them everythings going well
>team up with 8.5/10 for beer pong
>dat ass
>talk to her while playing
>surprisingly isnt stuck up
>alcohols talking for me
>im being pretty smooth
>give her a quick lesson on how to play beer pong cause she sucks shit
>hold her hand and grab her waist
>shes pressing dat ass on my diamonds while i instruct
>we lose lol
>games starting so we go inside
>we're all sitting down watching pre-game warm ups etc.
>talk about how good luis suarez and daniel sturridge have been that season
>8.5/10 quietly says to me
>"i can show you something better"
>say "uhh yeah ok" and smile
>think to myself "im gonna miss the first few minutes but fuck it"
>friend says "not my room use my brothers"
>she sits me down on his bed and starts saying how she only came to see me
>she starts rubbing my leg
>ohfuck.jpeg diamondsss
>"well, here i am haha"
>she laughs, leans in and starts kissing my neck
>i turn to her and put my hand on her smooth thighs
>hear loud cheering
>friend bursts through door
>"wtf no way"
>get up and leave
>watch the first half cause we're playing really good
>ask where the femanons are
>"they all left like half an hour ago, they said they're at [faggot in year level above]'s house now"