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Hi /b/ before you have a fit, I have already tried /r/ and they can't supply my needs, so I'm here.

I'm looking for a music video that I cannot seem to find what so ever, all I remember about it is the plot of the music video and that it is electronic/dubstep.

It starts with a truck driver delivering a wooden crate with something unknown - but alive in it. The truck driver finally gives in and opens the crate to find a pale asian kid, kind of like the one of the scary movies (as pictured). Then special government forces realize the crate has been opened and send troops. They arive but the child begins to control them and their movements, making them all dance in like a MJ's Thriller kind of tone. And that's where it ends.

If anyone knows the song I have described please tell me it's been bugging me for weeks.

Thanks /b/rothers