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Fuck you pieces of shit and your stupid fucking website that terrorizes women. I will never share my nudes with you losers I will never do anything for you fuck you. My goal in life is to ensure this site gets shut down because its pure evil. this is why I enver take nudes fo anyone even boyfriends.

you sick fuckers have even made fake profiles pretending to be me tryin g to get men to rape me.



ANd you all should be ashamed of yoursef. Why don't you help me take these fuckers out they are everything wrong with the internet

for two years you have harrassed me and you keep posting fake nudes of or requesting nudes and posting pics of me in general.

STOP IT stop trying to get me fired or fuck up my life leave y friend family and coworkers out of this

please jst grow the fuck up

and yes this is me ashley speaking and no I wont comply to your demands