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NEET/faggot/loser/autist thread

Share your stories, comment on others'.

I'm 25, still live at home, don't even have a university degree (yet) and I got laid off work two months ago. Also have no friends and suffer from depression.

Right now I'm collecting ~$2000/month from insurance, and I can do that for up to a year, max. But I have to keep searching jobs and accept pretty much whatever I'm offered, or they'll stop paying me. In the worst case scenario, I could be forced to pay back a lot of money.

However, I've been using my time as unemployed to unofficially study for my final exam which is at the end of next month. Should I pass that, I can finally start looking for more qualified jobs instead of working in warehouses etc.

But the thing is, I also got arrested by cops for smoking a joint outside our house about a month ago, and considering the stigma around cannabis in my country, I'm pretty sure I'll be viewed in the same light as a heroin addict that shoots up in public restrooms.

It just feels like everything I do is pointless, that nothing will ever work out in the end. I want to get angry, I want to get some motivation but I just feel empty.

I just wish I could live a normal life, have friends and actually be happy for once. For the past 10 years, I haven't been living, just surviving. I've been thinking that once X or Y happens, things will change and get better. But it never does.