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White Text Black Background AKA the way it should be ffs Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)04:27:14 No.51017337

Why the fuck do 99% of websites have a white background with black text?

All the arguments against dark backgrounds with white text are 100% bullshit.

White backgrounds are equivalent to shining a fucking flashlight in your eyes all day.

Stop burning your fucking eyes out.

If you have windows 10 get the Gray10 Colors theme by gsw953onDA
Windows 8 get the Gnomnit Dark theme by neiio
Windows 7 get Gnomnit theme by neiio

Then install firefox and get the ft deepdark theme.

Then get the stylish extension for firefox and install the styles in the attached image.

Enjoy not burning your eyes out of your fucking skull.

Macs have some dark themes but I don't fuck with macs so your on your own macfags.