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Good morning, /b/. Today I beat cancer. Fucking fuckiingly fuck yes, I don't have cancer anymore. Talking to you guys was a crucial part of my journey. I'm Brazilian (shitty ass 3rd world country and I do recognize that), 20 years old, law major in college (although I lost a year due to treatments and everythinig else.)

Truth is; This day, this very day, is my last day at the hospital. I had a surgery on the Wednesday (21st) and recovered well though the days. Balls cancer, believe it or not, is not a nice thing, specially when you're a 20 years old and wants to meet new people.

You guys have ever been there, way even before the cancer, and will always be for other people who will need /b/ in the future. I want to thank you all for the threads, for psychologycal support whenever I needed, to many people that showed me that their life is way worse than mine, and they still have a reason to live (like the Syrian guy who made a thread about hints on how to get the fuck out of where he was and get into Europe just to run away from civil war and shit).

Today life starts again for me, /b/. It's a better feeling than new year, believe it or not. It's a feeling of change, because i'll finally put my shoes in my own room again, with all my books and shit. No more hospital beds, no more of those meals, just a normal life.
I just want to have a normal life and appreciate it whenever I notice how lucky I am.

Thank you, /b/. You will always be in my heart.
I know this thread will 404 soon, but anyway, I had to express myself.

Pic related, it's my brother (left), my father (middle) and me (right) in old german costumes.

Thanks, and have a wonderful week.