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Am i a creep?

>Be me, 17 year old fairly attractive guy
>14.3/12 years old qt3.14 is in love with me
>Ignore her, things go on
>But she was too beautiful to jus dont take advantage from the situation
>Put her many dirty questions in her
>Starting to act a little more sexual around her (sorry if that makes poor sense or sounds weird, you got the idea, im taco)
>A couple months later asked for nudes
>Save pics of her, also she and her mom, aunt, in her swimming class, using skirts, shorts, wih her family, the baby pictures
>Keep talking with her
>Started to stalk her with another facebook profile, like a 30 year old man
>Fap at least 3 times per day thinking in her/watching the pics
>Feel very guilty
>Fap with the pictures of her when she was 12-11-10 years

I can deliver pics if anons want to