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>Meet best friend in High School
>Best friend stops me from falling back in with nasty druggie crowd after earth shattering break up
>Best friend introduces me to super awesome intelligent robotics club. Gives me outlet to grow confidence again. Arguably, gives me a bright future.
>Best friend and I inseperable. Go on crazy adventures, like to Italy. Have awesome times. Fight over stupid things like friends do.
>Relationship often imbalanced because friend is really depressed, but as I owe him the future he gave back to me, I promise to always be his friend and never leave him
>Friend abuses this trust and makes sexual advances on me, gets upset when I say no
>Naively, still have fierce love for each other, just not romantically.
>I go to college and relationship gets more strained. Still, naively feel strong non-romantic love towards friend despite more blatant advances.
>Friend go to college in Duluth. Relationship at all time low.
>FF 2 years. Friend becomes irratic, mental health all time low, tell me to fuck off and never talk to his family again, despite them being like my own family as well.
>FF a few months; no happy birthday from friend.
>FF a few more months, friend's birthday (9/24) rolls around. Can't wish friend happy birthday as I'm too busy being crushed under the weight of my hubris and crippling fear friend actually abandoned me.
>Feel guilt over promise to never leave friend, but friend is the one who left me.

24 decides wat do