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sup /b/

You always joke about cp and rape and sex with children. What would you think if you found out your gf or wife had been repeatedly raped and molested and filmed when she was young?

From ages 7-11 I was coerced to have sex on camera, sometimes it was painful, sometimes I thought I enjoyed it. But I came out of it at age 12 with what I thought was a loving family member in prison and bad cases of Herpes, HPV and gonorrhea, it was the gonorrhea that crippled me and got my mother to take me to the hospital where they found out what was happeneing...

does the fact that this is common among the girls you see in underage porn change your mind about it? what if your gf told you she had an incurable disease she got when she was 8, would that be OK with you?

pic related, it's me from that time in my life :(

you don't know how it feels till it's your family member