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Help me out /b/. I'm a senior in high school, 18, and I've always been attracted to younger girls. Currently there's this 8th grader, with the best fucking ass I've ever seen, and the best legs. (Normally I wouldn't go that young but her body is unbelievable) She's 13 and has the ass of an 18yr old. Anyway, she crushes on me pretty hard. But she has a boyfriend, little kid also an 8th grader, and she fears having a "relationship" with me because she doesn't want her parents to find out and her get in trouble. So she doesn't talk to me anymore (we used to text like all day and she even dumped her lame bf for me but the day after the next got back and turned into a little cunt).
I am just dying to lead her on, and fuck her young virgin pussy, and then keep her around only for sex while she's mentally attached. How do I lead her on more? What could I do or say?

>inb4 pedo
>inb4 you'll go to prison
I just don't want to graduate without having fucked and taken girls virginities.