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Hey /b/, I'm writing a resignation letter for my boss, and I thought you guys would like to help me. You know how to roll, and I will adapt the winning posts accordingly in the letter.
I must point that my own posts won't count, and that trips/quads/whatever will count as dubs, as long as there's text.
I'll post tits in the meantime, because tits are always related.

"Dear Boss,
It is with great [first dubs] that I hereby resign my position as [second dubs] due to [third dubs]. I hope you understand that I need [fourth dubs], and that all this company has ever offered was [fifth dubs].
Moreover, I have [sixth dubs] and I will always [seventh dubs]. Keep in mind that my decision to resign has nothing to do with [eigth dubs], (whom/which) I respect and admire.
Last but not least, I hope you and all my colleagues [ninth dubs] for the rest of your lives.
Yours sincerely, Anon."