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>around 2005
>Just started doing a course in media or some shit
>Tons of emo kids and wannabe actors/ people who watched pulp fiction and thought "i could do that"
>One little faggot always went on about the internet
>over 9000 etc
>would spout stupid jokes and say shit like he was in a secret club
>had that fucking banana phone song as his ring tone etc

>this shit went on for weeks, for some reason he became attached to me
>every fucking day he'd follow me to lunch n shit
>would grab food of peoples plates and say shit like "all your chips are belong to us"
>I'd had enough and needed a way to shut him up
>the whole pedobear/fox news/ lulz shit was happening here at the time
>kid went on about how he was changing the world through the internet..
>I finally realized he was so retarded because he found /b/
>asked to borrow his notes
>we had to show our notes to the tutor every week to make sure we were keeping up with the work load.
>fill kid's notes with pedobear pics and fucking dial soap print outs.
>friday comes, still have kid's notes, tell him i'll hand em in for him.
>tutor starts flicking through notes while we watch stand by me for some stupid reason
>movie stops
>she put's kids notes on the overhead projector
>"what is all this anon?"
>kid answers "i-i-it's pedobear miss.."
>whole class is laughing, tutor looks like someone dick slapped her
>gets up and pulls kid out of the room.. he looks back at me for support

>I smile and shout after him
>"the game"
>kid gets removed from the class for the rest of the year, everyone else is finally getting work done.

He tried to explain it in a meeting that was held, his mum was called in. Just imagine explaining loli and pedobear to your mother and 3 other people. Ha.

And that was the only time I showed my power level