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The treasure map actually lead to gold.

Following up with my report, as promised: after the ddu thread last week where I bought map pieces I continued to pick a few up at every rotation, finally got a red X piece on Thursday and put it together with the rest of my pieces on Friday. The map pointed to Kansas. Took two days to actually go through with it.

Drove up from Dallas with my bud. Scoured the fields just north of Hoisington, KS for maybe 20 mins before coming across a wooden marker with the dos dos uno logo on it were the X was. Lifted it, dug not even 1 foot, and cha ching.

This was the lime-green coded map. I had a total of 144 pieces, 21 of them were from this winning map, I'm guessing each map has 30 pieces based on the blanks left from this map

I tried contacting the site owner on the first day, no reply, as I made progress I kept contacting and showing him uploads of my pieces, he eventually replied. He didn't answer any questions, only said "you're getting warm"

Total run down:

financial cost - $720
payout - $37,433 (1Kg Gold)
time spent - 12 hours trying to piece the map together, 7 hour drive from Dallas, TX to Hoisington, KS

Thanks /b/ for showing me this, this will change my life. Currently a teary-eyed Dallas fag. Thank y'all from the bottom of my country heart. Wish the same for all you fags.