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ITT: We share our first sexual experience

>be me, 11
>been watching porn with my best friend (10 at the time) for half a year
>"why do adults like this so much questionmark"
>decide to try it out with each other
>sleepover this weekend good chance for us
>wait until 1AM, everyone's asleep
>get nekkid
>I'm first
>friend gets on his stomach
>I try to put my dick up his ass
>it's too small to even get past his buttcheeks but for some reason I don't notice and start to hump his buttcrack basically rubbing his asshole with the tip of my dick
>don't see what's the big deal
>it's his turn now
>does exactly the same I did. feelsbadman
>tell him to stop
>get dressed again, play Star Wars Battlefront like nothing happened
>years later be 16
>think about it for the first time in 5 years
>mfw I realise I had a gay experience with my best friend at the age of 11

Now it's your turn fellow Anons.