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So I need help /b/,
A few weeks ago my mom showed me a picture of her as a teenager and I got an instant boner.
She wasn't gorgeous (but she wasn't ugly either) but there was something about her as a teen that got me. And ever since I've been fantasizing and masturbating about dating my teenage mom.

Also I masturbate to my next door neighbors 8 year old kid. She's Latina and a little big for her age (not fat or chubby but thick). She always plays in her front yard with short jean shorts (you know the ones that make a nigga splooge) and is perpetually barefoot. And I find that pretty hot. Sometimes she comes over to play with my little sister and my mom makes me let them watch movies in my room and she lays on my bed with her feet usually in my lap

>tl;dr Do I have an Oedipus complex?
>Am I a pedophile?
>Do I have a foot fetish?