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ITT: Worst moments of your life and how they would've played out if dickman were there. Dickman has every superpower and you must thank him for his actions.

>be 13 years old
>some white trash douchebag named Evan throws a rock at my head after school
>about to fight back but quickly realize I'm outnumbered by his hick friends
>suddenly a human sized dick with legs crashes down from the sky
>his impact crumbles the ground and several of the hicks fall into the depths of the earths core
>all that remains is Evan
>"Your time has expired here Evan"
>dickman releases a high pressure blast of splurge that rips Evan in half
>as Evan lay on the ground holding his own intestines dickman telepathic sets him on fire
>I'm suddenly swarmed by girls who want to blow me and give me rim jobs
>I hook up a saddle on dickman's back and fly into the sunset ready for a new future
>thanks dickman