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Amerifag here, let's have a common sense gun thread where the arguments of a Eurofag will be destroyed (as usual, nothing new there.) Allow me to start. I will green text common points made by autists and refute them in a god-like manner. You either agree, or are wrong. Let's get to it.

>B-but guns are DESIGNED to KILL! They have no place in our streets or it'll turn into the wild west!

First off, guns are designed to project lead balls at high velocity over a large distance, with accuracy. Secondly, their place has been on our streets since the birth of this country. Guns have been a part of our culture since before your grandfather's fucking grandfather was born. Why are they now an issue? Gun crime/death has been on a steady decline for decades, and has hit it's lowest point and looks to be continuing it's trend.


That's right, anybody can buy a military rifle (so as long as you pass the 4473, which are those things most refer to as "background checks" that some forget about, or don't acknowledge that they exist. On top of that, having upwards of $20,000 at your disposal) If you fail the 4473, you do not get a military firearm. On top of that, you do not even get their civilian variants.

>Hurr durr I have the right to feel safe in my own country, how can I be safe wif guns everywhere!?

That's right, we all have the right to "feel safe". How you go about doing that is YOUR responsibility. Not anyone else's, and nobody has to change their lifestyle and means of protection to make your whiny ass feel good at night. Man up.

I'll refute more as the thread goes, I just want to start the jimmy rustlin' ASAP.

Pic related, it's the true form of the anti-gun advocate.

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