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>be me. 21
>get a new job in IT. Managing server
>needs to find an apartment
>"hey anonymous, my roommate is looking for an apartment swell, wannabe meet her ?"
>next day, we meet up at her place
>we get to know each other chilling, smoking weeds.
>" hey, my best friend is coming tonight, do you want to stay ?"
>the guy is my new boss
>we drink.. talking about working
>we drink.. talking about his shitty life
>we keep drinking, gig toilet
>I get back,I see that my future roommate is avoiding eye contact
>my boss goes like "go on. Tell him"
>boss "alright anon, lets keep it simple, get naked and you 'll see whar happens"
>wtf man
>Roommate screams "IM THUSTY FOR CUM ! fk it at least it's said !"
>me going full beta
>Boss "alright, I'm kinda frustrated with my recent break up and I want to have fun, so here's what's going to happen, you get sucked and I'm filming the whole thing. Alright ?"
>dick says yes, reason says no
>the next day we agreed not to fking each other's
What would you do /b/ ?
Pick related. That's what's going to happen everyone Thursday.