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How do you have "The Talk" with a girl about whether or not she is your girlfriend?

Let me give you a little background.

>Knew this girl for a year and half or so
>Hung out with her in a group of friends, all of us kinda know each other from mutual acquaintances
>People know I'm a virgin, make fun of me for it occasionally
>Kinda ask her out, not really, just kinda hang out with her a couple of times
>Last month we were at her place watching Netflix on the couch
>I start subtly making moves, moving my hand onto her leg
>Eventually move close to her, then make eye contact and then go in for a kiss
>Make out for a little bit then she takes me to the bedroom
>Lose my virginity that night

Since then we've kinda been "dating". We've gone to a couple movies, gone out to eat a few times, and we hang out and have had sex several times. we also still hang out in a group, but neither of us have brought it up to anyone we know.

I think we're exclusive, but how exactly do you go about asking and telling other people and stuff.