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>be me an hour ago
>sitting at home watching football
>on anti-depressants caus depressed
>libido has been a bit temperamental as a result
>suddenly get the urge
>load up some porn
>begin to beat my meat
>masturbating furiously
>going dry because uncut masterrace
>going at it like a 4-time olympian and commenwealth games gold medal winner of self-pleasuring
>30 mins later still choking the ol' pneumatic chicken like I'm jerkin it to save the human race
>Dick's starting to get a little red
>Not getting the sense that it's going anywhere
>No lube/lotion caus uncut masterrace
>Arm feels like its just done bicep curl training with ronnie coleman and arnie
>lightweight babbayyy
>tfw no bicep gainz caus quit gym
>can't continue
>Phone dies caus iphone battery is shit tier
>dick in my hands, the trouser snake begins to recoil to its lair
>go back to football with deep concern and intense frustration

>mfw my dick gave me blue balls for the first time

Anyone else had problems when on meds? Is there a connection