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>be beginner
>hit the gym because you have finally got a grip from life and you wanna cheer up ur grill
>go to chancing room and change clothes (sweat pants and sport t-shirt)
>more people than usual cause Friday night
>start with lat pull down
>feel how 12 fridges start staring at you
>”HOLY FUCK LOOK AT THAT SKELETON!” said 340kg full of muscle human monkey
>laughing and other sound that neanderthans make
>gorillas gathers around you
>keep lifting and try not to notice
>”you must be new here” said one of them cracking his fingers (size of building)
>they start laughing
>try leave the gym
>gorillas have made berlins wall around you
>feel how your legs starts giving up
>Sqwarzenegger behind me drops my pants at the same time when to graps my arms
>starting crying “let go of me!”
>they drag me to bench and puts shit ton of weight on top of me
>I can’t move
>laughing stops
>men line up behind me
>hear unzipping of pants
>one of them change playing ramstein to Justin bieber
>he laughs and leaves the gym with another fit god
>feel how they puts oil to your anus and rock of magnesium to you mouth
>spit magnesium out and start screaming like pig in the electric chair
>they rape me one by one
>feel how tears flow trough your cheeks
>hurts like hell
>start passing out on 8 guy
>lose consciousness

>wake up
>empty gym
>look at the clock
>weight are still on top of you, among with gallon of sperm
>breathing feels easy
>lift the weight away with no sweat
>weights flow trought the roof
>building collapses top of you
>look broken mirror on the floor and feel sad for your broken clothes
>six-pack, biceps like trees, back wide as wall, god-like calves and massive quads
>Hercules, son of zeus and half-god