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Ok guys, I'm here to maybe help somebody who's in the same situation I was about 2 weeks ago. Allow me to ellaborate:

>about 2 months ago
>go out with my group of friends, meet new girl a mutual friend invited
>chubby but quite cute
>don't talk much to her
>adds me on fb, starts joining us whenever we go out
>start talking with her on fb
>well, more like she's all flirty while I'm trying to keep it cool
>go out with her a few times whenever the rest of the group is busy
>ask a couple of friends for advice since I've never had sex with a chubby and she's obviously interested
>they both tell me to go for it, worst case scenario is me having boring sex
>meet her in my house
>as always, she's all flirty, but this time I respond
>looks surprised at first but then she gets a bit more aggresive
>like she plain says "we're alone now, we should totally make out"
>eventually make out
>one of the best, most good fun experiences I've had, hands down
>she's careful, attentive and very active
>gives me a bj for what feels like ages, always making sure I'm comfortable and liking it
>we're so obviously going to have sex
>asks a few times if I'm sure I want to do it