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Who here wants to hear about the time I was molested by an older woman?

>be me, 12 year old boy
>get invited to kids birthday party
>kid is a douchebag and bullies me at school
>go anyway
>they have a big house with a pool
>like a bunch of other kids were there
>kid is an asshole to me
>his mom is supernice
>all of us outside in a pool party
>kids take the shit out of me cause i'm asthmatic and a pisspoor swimmer
>asshole kid throws pool ball at me
>hits me right in the face
>go back inside his house, sit in the kitchen in my swim trunks, crying
>see his mom walk in, she's wearing a bikini
>asks me whats wrong
>don't want to tell her her son threw the ball at me
>just say a ball hit me by accident
>she offers me some of the cake
>say I can't cause they haven't cut it yet
>she says she doesn't mind, and wants to know if it tastes good or not
>I try some cake, tell her its delicious
>she lets me have more
>she looks at the scratch on my face from the ball, says I'm bleeding
>tells me I need some ointment
>I say I'm fine
>she insists, takes me upstairs to her bedroom
>brings some ointment and starts rubbing it on my face
>it stings but I try to put on a brave face and don't say anything
>her cleavage is squeezing out of her bikini
>i get hard, and start fidgeting