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greentext time please

>be me, 5th grade
>first year middle school, don't know how it works for you kiddos
>our playground was pretty close to the road
>we're a pretty poor as fuck town, so not many people drive by
>me and a friend try to hit cars with rocks
>we had done it before, but now it was rediculous
>throwing boulders, handfuls of rocks at any car that passes during recess
>hit this disgusting green minivan

>forward to 5th hour, right after recess

>get called to office
>sweating cum, didn't even remember hitting the car
>get asked by secretary if i was throwing rocks
>"i-i don't know"
>i know i'm done for, secretary tells me to have a seat
>minivan owner leaves, stay in office until the end of the day

>when i get home

>walk into the house, mom staring at me
>tfw i'm moving with my auntie and uncle in bel air