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story time
>be me last weekend
>be visiting one of my old high school friends at his college
>im a NEET loser and he's my only friend left who still talks to me, although i only had 3 friends to begin with
>friend and i pregame in his apartment then go out and try to get in college parties
>cant get in without girls
>we run into a group of four girls and my friend hits on one of them successfully and ask if he wants to go to a party with them
>i was just standing there and hadn't talked yet so she says i can come too if i want
>friend says we'd love to and we head to the party
>at the party now, and my friend takes the chick he was hitting on into a room to smash
>im kinda pissed because now im just standing in the corner of the party with the other three girls
>i am just standing there while they have a conversation, i still havent said a word to any of them
>cant tell two of the girls are noticeably uncomfortable with me there, but one girl, who i thought was the cutest, keeps looking at me and smiling
>eventually she turns to me and says, "Jeez, you sure are quiet, kid. What's your name?"
>Voice shaking, I say, "Hehe, y-yeah. Sorry about that. The name's anon."