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This is sad.
>Be last month.
>Be happy in college.
>Have about 5-6 girls that I'm chatting up at the same time.
>Feel awesome.
>Feel like my sexual power is bursting through the roof.
>Fast forward a month, to 2 weeks ago.
>Dropped 3 out of the 5 girls.
>Starting to regret my specialization in college.
>Feel like I don't want to do it anymore.
>Want to go for something with Philosophy.
>Fast forward to a week ago.
>Drop one more girl, she got a date.
>Looking forward to the weekend, gonna go drinking with one of the girls.
>Fast forward to yesterday.
>Go tot he bar.
>Have a good time with the girl.
>Get close, don't fuck her because she's too wasted.
>Today she texts me.
>Tells me to not get my hopes up.

What the fuck do I do now, I feel like shit.