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When people say, "It gets better," but they don't know they don't mean it. "I was there, trust me, it gets better." But it doesn't get better these people still complain and have the same problems.
When you're a kid, they say, "Life gets better after school."
So you wait.
Then when it doesn't, they say, "Life gets better after you settle down a bit," So you do. You waste money on an expensive wedding that puts you in debt for the rest of your life. Then you have kids that steal from your wallet, and drain you emotionally and physically.
Then they say, "Oh, grandchildren will make it all worth it," They don't. They take advantage of you because you're an old fart with money.
"It gets better after retirement." Ah yes, because slowly dying without having a purpose to get up in the morning make life a fuck-ton better.

/b/, when did you realize that everyone is lying about life?