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So i figured today was a good day to share a story about myself. September of 2010 i developed meningitis and spent 2 months in the hospital. I had a really bad case of the shit and doctors couldn't slow the development. Ultimately I developed such a severe case that i had 3 stroked 3 days in a row. Mind you i was 19 at the time. I was having such violent and painful migraines that i was put on morphine, dilaudid and opana all at the same time. Finally the doctors deemed me healthy enough to go home. I went home an addict. When home i was immediately deprived of opiates and was craving. I started buying morphine patches and pink opana pills illegally. 3 weeks out of the hospital i was injecting heroin. 3 months out of the hospital i was a full blown heroin addict. the last day i did heroin this kid and i purchased 2 grams of dope with money i got selling my a/v equipment. I dosed the biggest needle i had ever taken and remember little after that, until i woke up in a pool of his vomit, he was dead beside me. Ill never forget the lifeless look on his face, cold and blueish, with puke coming out of his nose and mouth, other than the police ive never told anyone about it, and today for some reason i feel the need to talk about it. I miss him a lot, he was a good guy, he, like me, was just fucked up. Sad times fellas. Today ive been completely sober for 3 years.