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>be me
>Just graduated from the farmland side of the city and decide to move to north east San Antonio to be closer to my job
>I didnt know about all the gorillas that migrated from Louisiana to Texas on the account of Hurricane Katrina
>White complected mexican with curly haired as fuck
>get called napoleon dynamite
>get tired and decide its time for a change
>go down to local barber shop
>walk into a bunch of monkeys yelling and hollering at each other
>everything becomes quite when the spot me
>i take a seat and try to talk to these chimpanzee about getting a hair cut and they just ignore me
>people that got there after me get there haircut
>leave within an hour of bulshitting

I was never a racist but this changed my mind. They just stared and scuffed at me and acted like i diddnt excist. Im not even fucking American. Chances are my ancestors had nothing to do with these nigloids ancestors.

Any other fellow white man ever experiece something similar.