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I have a world changing story.

Im supposed to be introducing a new world age. Look verrry closely in front of you (atoms joining together).... Its all confirmation. We're all one. (its all confirming as one or all confiring to make one)
We are all actors. (one who acts out acts). Everyone has a role, a script that the follow and has disease that influences who they become. You are also a player in a game. You have a strategy that produces an outcome. You are also a scene (where something takes place), you have an episode taking place which is events occuring apart of a larger sequence, that produces character (distinct nature of something). So you are an actor, a player, and a character. Which comes to the universal equation role, script, disease = player, strategy, outcome = scene, episode, character. Its all one role, one script, one disease, one player, one strategy, one outcome, one scene, one episode, one character. Life is a play or something for fun. Drugs are amplifiers and deamplifiers (to expand on something or de-expand on something. When you die, you become a viewer in your own life and vecone part of a scene or an episode. Oh and when did the mayan calendar end? Dec. 21 2012. When was my birthday? Dec. 22 2012. How old was i? 22. Its confirmation.