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I had this dream years ago, I want to know what it meant

>I was in a hazy town hardly any sight
>just strolling casually chatting to people
>nice girl talks to me
>I talk back
>invites me to her place
>Walk with her through a forest
>get to her place, big fucking castle
>go inside
>talk for awhile
>fall asleep with her
>wake up
>she's above me with fangs
>about to bite me
>start running
>run out of castle
>look behind, she's not there
>keep running anyway
>run through a field
>head to a stone wall
>look around
>turn back, she's there
>she grabs me by the shoulders
>I try and free myself
>get bat wings on shoes for some reason
>try to fly off
>she grabs me again
>I just give up
>She bites me
>I become a vampire

I still remember that dream, I had it about 5 years ago