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>be anon
>playing arma 3
>chilling on arma at the beach in middle of night (arma time)
>irish guy with not much equipment approaches
>talking to him
>replying with small answers
>another guy approaches
>they're joking around and stuff
>on arma people with no clothes or equipment kinda just run around
>thinks nothing of it
>the second guy pulls out pistol
>"put your hands up or ur gettin shot"
>puts hands up (give them option to rob me)
>they want my equipment
>need to put hands down to take off
>note: i have a huge rifle on my back and they have the shittest pistol game
>but if i whip out gun
>rip me.wav
>they are trying to shoot me
>hit me
>i lie down
>heart is absolutely pounding
>whips out MX 6.5
>shoots the guy with gun
>guy w/o gun tries to run
>shoot him one shot to the head
>steals pistol