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You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You both like Tumblr.

Stranger: Hey, can I see your tumblr?

You: Not yet. Had too many bad bad experiences with "Dan" and don't want to be triggered.

Stranger: I have no idea what Dan is about

Stranger: What the fuck is it?

Stranger: It's pissing me off

You: There is war in the net. Oppression.

You: I guess it is reddit

Stranger: You M or F?

You: biological f

You: hby?

Stranger: I'm m

Stranger: How old are you?

Stranger: I'm from Australia, yourself?

You: 21 and studying, USA

You: Why are you liking tumblr?

You: Is it day in your region atm?

Stranger: Ahh, sweet, I love the US!

Stranger: It's 11am

Stranger: I'm 24, finished studying

Stranger: What's your dream job?

You: What major?

You: I plan on joining the marines

Stranger: Ah sweet