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Sit down /b/, story time.

>Be me
>20 years old
>Go to college
>Your typical socially inept virgin
>Kinda quiet
>Mostly shunned because of this, except for some faggot and his clique
>They constantly bother and annoy me
>First only makes sly remarks and passive aggressive bullshit like that
>Slowly starts moving up to insulting and putting me down in front of everyone
>Im too autistic to say anything about it
>One day, guy and his faggot crew approach me in front of oneitis
>Start talking shit about me, calls me a manlet (im 5'11" so thats pretty retarded but anyways), says that i have a small dick etc etc
>First decide to just shrug it off
>But then oneitis and her qt3.14 friends start laughing as well
>Now you fucked up my nigga
>Decide its enough, and that im getting him back for all the shit he has done
>Dont do anything at the moment though
>Wait for the right moment
>One day, i overhear the faggot crew talking about hitting the club, getting pussy etc etc
>Hear that they decide to leave at about 23:00, he will be waiting in front of his dorm and they will meet up there
>Prepare everything in parents' lakehouse
>Wait for the evening
>See him outside of his dorm smoking
>Its about 22:00 now
>No one is around
>Decide its the time to strike
>Grab tire iron and hide it in the bushes
>Walk up to faggot
>"Hey Alex, you're a flaming faggot. Come fight me now you piece of shit!"
>Sees me and goes ballistic
>I run away towards the bushes and hide
>Starts yelling and looking for me
>Pop up from the bushes
>"Im here faggot, come get me!"
>Runs towards me
>Raises fist, about to swing
>I hit him square on the jaw with the tire iron
>He goes out immediately
>Drag him to my car
>Inject sedative into him, will keep him knocked out for 4 hours
>Text his friends saying that he's sick and cant come
>Drive to lakehouse taking many turns and backroads for good measure
>Park the car, drag him to lakehouse
>Strip him down and tie him up BDSM style in the bedroom