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So lately Breaking Bad's writing has some serious holes in it. What did Mike mean when he said to Walt "Just cos you shot Jesse James don't make you Jesse James". When the fuck did Walt shoot Jesse? I thought it was Gayle who got shot?

Later they talk about Jesse again with the train episode. Rob a train like Jesse? When did this junkie piece of trash rob a train? How could he even?

Even weirder, Walt specifically, determinately states: NOTHING STOPS THIS TRAIN in the episode. And woopedoo, what happens, the train stops because of a stupid little truck.

Also, to go back to a previous thing discussed in the series. The Gold in the Streets.
When does Walt extract the gold from the streets? Did I miss that one? Did he use the flouride mercury again?

And then the icing on the cake. "Everybody sounds like Meryl Streep when they have a gun to their head". What. the. fuck. is this supposed to mean?
Why would they sound like her?

I'm getting sick and tired of this fluctuating level of writing... might just drop this show if it doesn't go back to the old level soon.