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>Never been to Taco Bell
>Everyone says I have to go
>visibly distraught ion the idea
>Elegantly drive to Taco Bell
>Remember my promise
>Go into taco bell
>One $10 bill in my pocket
>Never think of all of the food I could buy
>Not on idea about what to order
>Awkwardly standing around looking at menu
>Gordita Crunch? Quesadilla?
>I begin to worry about the choice
>very anxious about my hunger
>Everyone in the restaurant is staring at me, I can feel it
>Young boy comes up to me
>out of nowhere walks in a pod of land whales
>unsafe levels of body fat, looks like they belonged in glass tanks
>ugliest, fattest one rolls up to counter in front of me
>pauses, looks at the cashier and says the following
“Read the first Letter of every sentence”