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Y'all been eatin' long enough now stop being greedy
Just keep it real partner, give to the needy
Ribs is touchin', so don't make me wait
Fuck around and I'm gon' bite you and snatch the plate
I could flip that flow, I could stick that ho
I could get that dough, you know I'm with that yo
And the thing about the shit I came through, I haven't seen
But when it gets dark, it's like a nigga's having dreams
All nightmares, the light dares to desert me
Got me like everybody wants to hurt me
Paranoid, so I strike out at whatever
The closest thing to me is gonna get it, but, never
Will I, can I think death is wrong
So I'ma keep holding, on 'til, what's left is gone
You could put that on my nigga Boom
These other rap cats will give a nigga room