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/b/ i need some advice

>be me, intern at some shitty telecom company, 18, IT guy
>work with 4 chicks, 2 milfs, 1 old hag she's nice tho, and 1 shinny but really hot 25year old
>got an intense milf fetish, i get an instant boner when i see the one i'm into
>intentionally jerk off before i go to work
>still get hard and super horny as soon when i see the women
>even the older woman get's me horny now, simply because she dresses kinda skimpy
>jerk off at 10 in the bathroom
>get horny again when i see the milf i'm into
>jerk off again at 1 after lunch
>if the older woman who dresses skimpy is kinda flirty with me, she always comes in around 3, sits on my lap "jokingly" (shes like 60, but still has an AMAZING ass, like one of the best asses i've ever seen)
>my dick turns into diamond when she flirts with me
>jerk off again in the bus home
>come home, girlfriend wants to have sex

my intense love for milfs is ruining my relationship, any advice /b/?

>inb4 just don't jerk off faggot

it's really hard to not jerk off when i'm horny as fuck and walking around with a boner in a proffesional environment.

pic related, oldest woman looks a bit like her.