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>be me
>19, lost virginity today
>be at gas station
>have to shit really bad
>go to the bathroom at the gasstation
>not actually that bad
>go to the second of the three stalls
>assume someone is in the next stall
>shit really quiet
>done, wipe my ass
>notice a hole in the wall
>i'm curious, so i take a peek
>chick on the orther side
> i flush my toilet, about to walk out
>woman on the orther side asks me to wait
>lock my door again
>she asks if i have a condom, i don't, i'm beta as fuck, got no game anyway
>she hands me a condom and asks me if i'm over 18
> i say yes, she asks if i wanna have some fun
>nervous as fuck, got hard instantly
>i awkwardly say "sure"
>stick my dick through the hole
>she starts sucking
>she stops sucking
>30sec later i feel something on my dick again
>she says "fuck me"
>realise i'm about to lose my virginity to some stranger
>awkwardly start going back and forth, slowly, i don't know what the fuck i'm doing
>she says i need to go harder, and i do
>jizz after a minute and a half
>don't want her to think i'm a pussy
>i pull out, tell her i need a sec
>quickly pull up pants, run the fuck out of there

i lost my virginity to some chick, i only saw her tits through the hole, feelsgoodman