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/b/ I have a problem and dont know how to handle it.

I dont have parents and live with my grandparents.
My grandfather is weak and need help, my grandmother do all the housework expect cleaning my room and my clothes because I do this stuff myself.
Because of the status of my grandfather who cant drive anymore and walk very slow my other relatives want from me to stay with them for shopping and stuff(with the car which I have to full pay myself with my 300€ which I get everymonth for my work + orphan pension). I have to pay ~1000€ every year for the insurance + car tax. Btw. I pay for all my stuff myself because the rent of my grandparents is small.
I dont have really friends because I had to move to my grandparents expect my school mates but thats not a tight relationship.
Like I said, my other relatives want me to stay and live with them but I want to go to a university and have my own apartment.
I want to live my own life and make friends/ girlfriend who can visit me.
Why cant they understand that? I am in my early 20is and dont want to spent my next 10-20 years in the same apartment with my grandparents.

/b/ what should I do?